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(Donation For 100 People)
₹ 51000.00(Incl. of all taxes.)

100 Units of Shoes.

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Why To Donate
  1. Donating shoes helps those in need access basic necessities.

  2. It shows compassion towards those who may not afford footwear.

  3. Donated shoes can improve someone's comfort and quality of life.

  4. It symbolizes generosity and community support.

  5. Your contribution can make a meaningful difference in someone's life.
When To Donate
  1. Donate shoes on special occasions, like holidays or community events.

  2. Look for shoe drives organized by local charities or shelters.

  3. Donating shoes after they've been gently used can extend their life and benefit someone in need.

  4. Consider donating shoes to organizations that specifically focus on providing footwear to those in need.

  5. Remember that even small donations, like a single pair of shoes, can make a big difference in someone's life.

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