Quality is what matters most

Sevakaar is the world’s first religious food delivery service catering to your devotional food needs. Every culture connects food with spirituality and our endeavor stems from that. We maintain supreme quality of health and hygiene as the food served in the name of God cannot be anything else. Get the best quality and quantity. Sevakaar is your only destination for bhandara food, prasad offerings, food for all and much more.

A spiritual food service

Without food, the world cannot exist. Food is a physical necessity. People of all ancient cultures have the concept of ‘food as a worship offering’. The Sevakaar team strives to give you that feeling every time you offer or have food; to present your gratitude for your resources and serve the society and God Himself by sharing food with all. At Sevakaar it’s always Food For All.

Why choose Sevakaar?

  • 100% pure vegetarian food
  • Cooked in clean kitchens with utmost care to quality and hygiene
  • Nutritious and filling portions on every plate
  • Affordable prices
  • On-time delivery
  • Customized amount to suit your needs

Sevakaar maintains the devotional link of food with God. We maintain all the best hygiene and cultural necessities while preparing each food order. We also ensure that the packaging is easy to handle, easy to heat so that you remain focused on the spiritual high that you so rightly deserved.
Think Sevakaar for all your spiritual nutrition needs!